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Installing adhesive decal grips on your handgun

Installing grips onto your modern handgun, is very simple. Our grips are cut to tight tolerances and precision, and the adhesive grips fit every line and groove of the gun to exacting tolerances.

The JT Defense grips, are made to fit most modern handguns. If you have a model not listed, please contact us. We likely have them designed, or, we can make them for you. We make custom grips  and can even cut your company's name on it, we can add decorative cuts, punisher heads and logos, etc. Please email us for more details.

These precision, custom fit grips are specifically designed for instant stick-on application to any handgun, without modifications, cutting or modification to your handgun in any way. The super strong adhesive, instantly adheres to polymer or plastic, is resistant to peeling and is the single biggest performance modification you can do to any handgun.

Installing grips on your gun:

Tools required for installation: (1) Grip tape for your exact model gun. Blow dryer, or heat gun set on very low heat setting.  (Special note for men: Ask your lady's permission first, or this may get ugly) :O (1) Alcohol pad or alcohol. (1) Lint free cloth.

1) The most important thing for long term adhesion to your firearm is cleaning all surfaces where the grip is applied, and remove any and all dirt from your handgun. Clean the grip area, very well, with Alcohol wipes and a lint free cloth. It's very important to remove any and all hand oils, sweat and dirt, even from the grooves in any and all parts of the gun.  Using the hot air dryer or heat gun on very low heat setting, dry the grip of the pistol very well to ensure all alcohol is evaporated from the cleaning process.

Installation of grips on Glock Pistol

2) Apply the tape, by first peeling the back release tape from the grip. Starting at the RED starting line, seen in Figure 1 below, slowly start applying the tape, working around the gun, to ensure the grip material is temporarily adhered to the grip of the pistol. Do not press the material firmly in place yet. If you applied the material crooked, you will need to lift the tape from the grip and re-apply the tape in the correct fashion. 

3) After tape is applied - Tuck the finger straps under the starting line tape. Heat with Heat gun and press to firmly  adhere to all parts of the pistol. Allow 12 - 24 hours to completely adhere to the pistol. Different frame materials, polymer, steel or aluminum, will have different characteristics when applying adhesive. Keep pressing and working the material onto the gun while the adhesive is activated and while the heat slowly dissipates, the adhesive will get firmer, until finally assuming room temperature.

4) Please keep in mind, that the sticky back on the grip tape, will always apply strongest where the frame of the gun has the cleanest surface. It is imperative to make sure your gun is as clean as you can possibly make it. We recommend alcohol as a cleaner, as it will not ruin polymer frames. If you use some other solvent like MEK, Acetone, etc, please make sure you test it on a small area on the frame of the pistol first, to ensure you do not damage the pistol. We generally test inside the magazine well, where any discoloration will not be visible. On steel or aluminum frame pistols, where there is a coating on the gun, make sure you also test the coating to ensure there is no problem with the coating. Our adjesives will not affect any paint, cerakote or any other gun coating. Harsh solvents or chemicals during the cleaning process are the most important thing to test. We have tested some special sovents on Glock, Springfield and Smith and Wesson pistols before, and when the frame is absolutely clean of all oil, debris and deposits, the grips adhere so well, they've never peeled on any of our guns. 
During testing, we put grips on the frame of a Glock, which was fairly dirty, oily and well used. We rushed to install a set for testing. 2 years later, the same grips are on the gun, and there is no sign they will ever come off. So while we caution against installing the grips on a  dirty frame, we are confident our adhesives are able to stick to almost any surface with moderately dirty frame. However, it's best to thoroughly clean all surfaces for the longest life of your grip products.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the installation of your grips, please call or email.

We also have a lengthy installation video showing in detail how to install grips onto a glock pistol.

Installng Grips on a Glock